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An Interview with Cooper Carrasco, ANDesign

As we noted in our previous interview with AstroPrint’s Drew Taylor, to say that 3D printing has become a massive technology may not be giving the industry enough credit. With Drew we discussed what his company was doing to help users with the technology, and in today’s segment, we flip back to the other side, and get the perspective of a company using the technology to get their work done. We connected with Cooper Carrasco of ANDesign Lab, an Orange County and Los Angeles, CA-based Industrial Design consultancy which actively uses MakerBot printers in their work for their clients. The interview was conducted via email and our questions with his answers appear below:

1) What prompted the decision to begin with 3D printing? Had someone at your company seen or had experience using a 3D printer?

Every one of the designers at ANDesign had experience with 3d printers during college. Most design programs are equipped with 3D printers.

2) Who are the people involved with 3D printing at ANDesign Lab and what are their roles

  • Andrew Namminga, CEO and Principal Designer
  • Rian Abraham, Designer
  • Vic Pramono, Designer
  • Lucas Luo, Designer


3) As a marketing and design firm, do you think owning a 3D printer serves to set you apart from your competition? Is this a trend you have seen that is picking up across your industry?
In a way it does, but most other design firms have a 3D printer.

4) What type(s) of 3D printers do you own, and what software and materials are you printing with?
We use Makerbot 3D printers, and we built a delta-style 3D printer. We use Makerware software with our Makerbot and Repetier software with our delta-style printer. Both printers use PLA filament.

5) How long do most of your builds take (on average) for clients
There is no average. A sample of an earbud (think iPod earbud) would take less than an hour to print. But some large scale prints would take days to print. However, we don't let our printers run too long so we'll divide really large prints into sections and print 8 hours at a time.

6) Do you have plans to expand your 3D printing over the next 1-3 years?
We are compatible with 80% of the desktop 3D printers on the market. At the moment we work with .stl file formats and export to gcode and x3g. We have plans to open us to full color formats and other up and coming formats such as obj, 3mf, and x3d.

7) What has been the reaction of your clients to having this type of service available to them through your company?
Almost everyone who sees a 3D printer for the first time is instantly mesmerized by it. Our clients love the fact that we can discuss a design, they can review a 3D rendering of it and then in a week they can hold that concept in their hands.

8) What are some examples of the most interesting or unique things clients have asked you to design or build for them thus far?
We're working on a jacket that has blinker lights built into it. It's also connected, by Bluetooth, to your smartphone and syncs with your GPS so it indicates when you're going to make a turn based off of your programmed route.

We 3d printed all the prototype pieces that go on the inside of the jacket and hold the blinker light system together. Because of our 3D printer, we're able to perfect the size of the electrical components. That's very important because, with garments especially, you want the product to be comfortable and the electronics to be as concealed as possible.

9) What advice, if any, would you have for other marketing and design firms who are considering adding this capability?
If you don't have a 3D printer already, don't wait any longer. We're confident that any other design firm in our industry will have a 3D printer.

10) Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about 3D printing at ANDesign or your company?
Nothing in particular. We love 3D printing and are happy to contribute to an article on the topic.