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An Interview with Paul Nicholson of Dell, Inc.

In early December, 2013, Dell announced some new services to allow for greater productivity and streamline workflow. Recently, we caught up with Paul Nicholson to ask about the changes and this is what he had to say:

1)What made Dell decide to design and roll-out these new services? Was it based on any market research or client feedback?
A mixture of services that clients are asking for as well as recognizing the opportunity to offer customers something new. We recognized an opportunity to help make customer?s lives easier or help them save costs.

2)Can we expect to see almost all future units embrace this same technology and services?
While it is difficult to commit to 100% coverage, our goal is to extend this service to all Dell printer hardware customers where possible.

3)What level of cost can an interested parties expect? How scalable is the price and the tech, too?
During these early product phases we aren't commenting broadly on pricing and availability. Customers interested in the product should contact their Dell sales representative to inquire about product pricing and availability.

4)Will any of these services be offered on other older Dell printers that have the hardware capabilities to handle it?
As stated above, we plan to extend these services where it makes sense for Dell and for the customer. We can't commit to any specific product support at this time, other than what is already included in the announced product.

5)Can you briefly explain the technology behind Near Field Communication as it relates to printing? What can you tell us about how Dell is responding?
Near Field Communication is an exciting new technology that is being included in more devices. At this time the primary use as it relates to printing is to help setup and pair a printer with a client device. We can't comment on specific plans for unannounced Dell products.

Paul Nicholson is Product Manager, Online Marketing - North America for Dell