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3 Methods to Connect an HP Printer to WiFi

In this blog post, we will discuss 3 methods to connect an HP printer to a WiFi network. It's not always easy to find the right instructions on how to do this for your specific printer model, so we have compiled all of the information you need in one place!

The first method is to configure the printer's WiFi connection directly through your computer. The second approach connects via HP ePrint Center, and the third option is done by connecting over USB cable with a wired direct connect setup or WPS. Let’s start off with how to set up wireless printing on an HP Printer using Windows PC!

1. Configuring a Wireless Connection Directly from Your PC

If you have an HP printer and want to connect it wirelessly to your home network, the first step is to make sure that your computer is connected to the same network. Once you’re sure of that, open up the Control Panel on your computer by typing in “control panel” in the Start Menu. You should then see a window that looks something like this:

Once you have opened up Control Panel, select “Network and Internet” and then click on “Network Connections.” In this window, you will see all of the networks that your computer is currently connected to (as well as any available wireless networks). If your home wifi is listed, you’re ready to go!

If your network isn't showing up here it's possible that the driver for the wireless card in your PC needs updating - if so please visit our support page which has instructions on how to update this.

Alternatively, if your computer doesn’t automatically detect a WiFi signal available nearby, you can skip ahead to installing HP ePrint Center below.

To configure wireless printing directly from your Windows PC with an HP printer follow these steps:

Step One: Navigate back to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections (if not already open)

Step Two: Click "Change adapter settings" located at the top of window using left side navigation bar

Step Three: Locate the network connection labeled with your printer's name and double-click on it

Step Four: In newly opened tab, select "Wireless Properties"

Step Five: Select "Security" tab

Step Six: Click on "Settings" button under Wireless Security Method heading

Step Seven: From expanded drop down menu, choose the security type that matches your home network. If you are unsure of what to choose, ask a friend or family member for help!

Step Eight: Enter password (if required) then click "OK." Note: Sometimes leaving this field blank will automatically connect you to the desired network. If this is the case for you, simply close out of all open windows and proceed to Step Nine!

Step Nine: Click "OK" then click "Close." Your printer should now be connected to your home network. You are ready to print wirelessly from any computer located on the same wireless network as the HP printer you just configured!

2. Configuring a Wireless Connection via HP ePrint Center

The second method is done through what is called ePrint Center which was created by HP and can be downloaded free of charge off their website. With this tool installed on your PC it will make configuring a WiFi connection simple since all that needs to happen after following these steps below is having the correct drivers installed on your computer.

ePrint Center allows you to print virtually anything from anywhere, including documents, photos and more! It works by taking all of the items on your computer that are ready for printing (such as a Word document) and then sends it wirelessly to any HP printer that is connected to the same network - pretty neat if you ask us!

To set up ePrint center follow these steps:

Step One: Open web browser (Google Chrome recommended)

Step Two: Type in “” into search bar at top right corner of screen

Step Three: Click enter or return key once typed in correctly

The next step will bring up HP's homepage where they recommend downloading their "HP Connected" app. Click on "Download now for Windows."

Step Four: Once downloaded, select "Run" to begin installation

Note: If a message pops up asking if you are sure you want to run the program choose “Yes” or “Allow” Step Five: Follow all prompts until installer has finished by clicking "Close" at end of process

Your printer should now be connected wirelessly through ePrint Center! Any document that is ready to print can now easily be sent without having it physically hooked up to your computer and with ease as well.

3. Configuring a Wireless Connection via HP's Wireless Direct

The last method we want to talk about today is done via HP's Wireless direct which makes printing from any device possible including smartphones, tablets and more!

As long as your HP printer is Wireless direct capable, you're good to go! This process can be completed in a few simple steps:

Step One: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open Control Center on an iOS device or Notification Shade on Android devices

Step Two: Tap "Airplane Mode" so it turns from gray to blue (this will disable all wireless connections including WiFi and Bluetooth)

Step Three: On your printer's control panel, press and hold the Wireless Direct button until the blue light starts flashing. The blue light means your printer is now in discovery mode

Step Four: Back on your mobile device, re-open Settings and select WiFi. You should see your printer's name listed under "Other Devices." Tap on your printer's name and enter the password if prompted

Step Five: Your HP printer is now connected to your mobile device! You can print from any app that you have installed that supports printing - how easy is that?

Each of these methods has their own benefits and we recommend trying out each one until you find the best process for you. Printing wirelessly should never be a hassle, especially when our team is here to help make the connection as smooth as possible! If at any time during this process, you get stuck or experience an issue please visit our support page for further assistance - we're here to help whenever you need us! Thanks for reading!

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