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Buying a Printer? Be sure to avoid these printers

This Castle Ink video explores some of the less desirable printers in the market today. If you are looking to buy a new printer, be sure to watch this video first.


Rule number one -- avoid printers with tiny ink reservoirs! The Canon BJC-5100 printer is a prime example. The black and color inkjet cartridges are very small and are always running out of ink. The photo cartridge is also too small. Another problem is the requirement to switch inkjet cartridges for more black ink capacity or to print a photo.

We also recommend that you avoid the Canon BJC-6000 and Canon S450 printers because they require a semi-permanent printhead that does not last very long, is hard to find, and is expensive. These printers also require you to exchange the black inkjet cartridge with the photo cartridges for printing a photo. Yet another reason to avoid these printers.