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Canon Lucia Ink

canon lucia ink cartridgesCreated and produced exclusively by Canon, LUCIA Ink is composed of 12 colors offering consumers a wider and more accurate range of reproduction for photos and graphics.

In addition to the normal black, cyan, magenta, and yellow, LUCIA ink boasts gray, photo gray, blue, green, red, as well as mixtures of green-yellow, yellow-red, red-magenta, magenta-blue, blue-cyan, and cyan-green. The gray helps to smooth transition in photos. LUCIA Ink also offers more polymer coating for the photo inks which ensures the durability of the ink, improving on Canon's past achievements.

The particles of ink are designed to securely attach to the receiving layer of media on which they are printed. This offers the consumer or business more flexibility in choosing the type of specialty media to utilize.

For more information check go to Canon's page on their corporate website.