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Canon Think Tank Ink System

Canon ink tank systemIn an ongoing effort on help out consumers, Canon has developed and released a system called Think Tank. As the name implies, it is purported to allow their customers to print smarter. Currently available in several dedicated photo printers and photo AIOs, it is made up of individual ink tanks for each color. This model allows users to replace only the empty cartridge, instead of limping along through the rest of the colors, or wasting them.

The individual ink tanks effectively lower printing costs. Canon printers now have a new, permanent print head instead of the head being integrated into cartridge design. Each cartridge is equipped with an optical sensor for detecting the ink level. The sensor will transmit a message to your computer screen in the form of a pop-up when ink is running low so you won’t get stuck with no ink the middle of a job.

Canon feels that the key to reproducing 3-D elements on 2-D paper is contrast. With the Think Tank ink system, Canon has developed ConstrastPlus ink tanks. ContrastPlus also includes a black photo ink which enables greater contrast across an entire image for sharper details.

The ChromaPlus inks also use Think Tank technology. They are designed to offer consumers an even wider variety of colors. The colors include: photo black, cyan, photo cyan, magenta, photo magenta and yellow, red and green ink. This gamut provides more accuracy across your images and vividness.