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History of Epson

The Seiko Epson Corporation began over one hundred years ago. They began making quartz watches before anyone else was making quartz watches. Since then, Epson has continued to strive to come out with new technology, and put a great deal of money into research and development, especially in the printing and copying arena. Today, Epson focuses on digital image innovation, both on paper and on a virtual screen or computer.

In 1975, Epson began its printing career in America. They primarily produced dot matrix desktop printers in the 80s, but they continued to expand into multiple dimensions of the imaging and computer components market, including offering printer supplies.

Micro Piezo inkjet technology was supported and developed due to Epson’s efforts, which is a print technology that does not necessitate heating the ink. As most other printing companies, Epson immediately saw the benefits of inkjet technology, and developed a high resolution inkjet printer in 1994.

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