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How To Remove Printer Ink From Skin - Washing Printer Ink Off Skin

removing ink stainsFor anyone that owns a printer or works in an office where they deal with printers all day long, ink is bound to get on your hands at some point. Here are some steps/options you can take to remove printer ink from your skin:

  • Thoroughly wash your hands in a sink with soap and water. If normal soap does not do the trick, then try an abrasive soap.
  • If the soap and water didn't do the trick (or you prefer another method), try hair spray. Spray it onto the parts of your hand with the ink, and then wash and scrub them.
  • Almost an addendum to the first step, you can also try to scrub your hands with a brush while washing them. This can loosen the ink droplets even more and leave your hands clean again.
  • One last approach is not a highly recommended one, but it can work. Bleach. You can bleach your hands clean again, but keep in mind that bleach is a caustic substance and can burn your skin. Be sure and dilute it to one part bleach to ten parts water.
We hope this tips for removing ink from hands and skin have helped. If you'd like to share a tip with us from removing ink from hands please contact us.