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Panasonic Printer Error Codes

Below is a table for understanding Panasonic printer error codes.

E1-01 Scan home problem
E1-20 Lens problem
E1-21 Half speed scan home sensor problem
E1-23 F8-02 input error (registration adjustment.)
E1-32 No density detection of original
E1-40 Optics fan 1 not working
E1-41 Optics fan 2 not working
E2-01 Lift motor 1
E2-02 Lift motor 2
E2-03 Lift motor 3 (system console)
E2-04 Lift motor 4 (system console)
E2-05 Lift motor 5 (system console)
E2-06 LCT lift motor up
E2-07 LCT lift motor down
E2-10 System console motor drive problem
E3-01 Toner bottle motor drive problem
E3-03 Toner density sensor
E3-10, 11 High voltage problem
E3-20 Drive problem
E3-21 Dust fan drive problem
E3-22 Exhaust fan problem
E3-23 Suction fan problem
E3-30 Discharge lamp problem
E3-40 Density sensor problem
E3-50 Transfer corona cleaner problem
E4-01 Low fuser temperature
E4-10-12 Fuser fan problem
E5-01 24 volt problem
E5-04 10 volt problem
E5-10 5 volt problem
E5-21 Communication problem with ADF
E5-22 Communication problem ADF
E5-23 Communication problem with sorter
E5-41 Registration control circuit board
E5-42 Total counter problem
E5-50 Communication problem
E6-03 Duplex length home sensor
E6-04 Duplex with home sensor
E6-05 Duplex paper sensor
E7-01 Sorter bins
E7-03 Sorter transport belt
E7-06 Sorter stapler motor
E7-10 ADF motor
E7-11 ADF sensors
J00 Bypass feed jam
J01 Cassette jam
J02 Paper feed unit jam
J03-05 System console feed jam
J06 LCT jam
J07 LCT or lower cassette feed jam
J08 System console feed jam
J09 Paper feed jam
J11 Paper feed jam. Copier or duplex
J12 Paper feed jam
J13 System console paper feed jam
J14 System console paper feed jam
J15 System console paper feed jam
J17-22 Feed jam at registration roller
J23-25 Paper jam in registration area from system console.
J30 Registration area jam from bypass
J31,J33 Jam in registration area
J40-42 Fuser exit jam
J50-56 Duplex jam
J60 Sorter jam
J70 ADF jam
J71 ADF exit jam
J72 ADF jam in reverse
oF Sorter full or empty
U1 Front door interlock
U10 Document feeder interlock
U11 Sorter bins have paper in them
U12 Need staples
U13 Add toner. Could also be toner density sensor, toner feed system, or main board.
U14 Waste toner bottle full
U16 Developer unit not properly installed properly, or connector problem
U16 LCT feed unit jam
U17 Sorter cover interlock
U18 Department maximum copies. This means that a department had a copy limit and has gone over it
U4 Sorter interlock
U6 Right side interlock
U7 Right side interlock on system console paper feed cover
Uo Key counter or access code number needed

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