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PromoJet Rotary Inkjet Printer

PromoJet Rotary Inkjet PrinterInkcups Now Corporation (ICN) now has printer that can do more than print 2 dimensional papers and photos. If ICN’s PromoJet Flatbed printing a Boy Scout troop number on hundreds of lapel pins wasn’t modern enough, the PromoJet Rotary Inkjet Printer will print that troop number on hundreds of your water bottles (if you’re willing to wait).

See a video of the Rotary in action:

How the Rotary printer works: The Rotary is actually a fixture that attaches to the Inkjet Flatbed Printer. This fixture, according to the Inkcups website, can be changed in about 5 minutes, enabling you to switch from lapel pins to water bottles on a whim. The fixture will turn your 3 dimensional object while the inkjet does its normal work. The printer can be used with Adobe software products, and is also controlled by specialized software.

The Rotary printer can print on any object under 5” in diameter, and on anything metal, glass, or plastic. They suggest pens, golf balls, and candy tins.

PromoJet brought us edible printed cookies, screen printing equipment, and engraving equipment. Their newest printer could jumpstart your dream business, or jumpstart your dreams for businesses.