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Vivera Ink From HP

hp vivera inkVivera Ink made by HP is the highest quality ink produced by HP for photo printing. The ink uses proprietary dyes which make the printed products resistant to fading over a long period of time and also results in a very wide range of colors. The use of dyes-instead of pigments like many printer inks-provide a very smooth and uniform high-gloss finish on glossy photo papers.

To ensure the quality of each ink cartridge, HP employs multiple purification stages and a proprietary process to fill each cartridge it produces. HP also does not believe in creating lighter inks from darker originals by diluting the ink. Diluting ink can impact how long a photo is able to resist fading. To produce their lighter ink colors, they begin at the light end of the spectrum and then progress step-by-step to darken the color. As with most printer and paper manufacturers, the best results do come when used in conjunction with their own brand.