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What is Innobella Ink?

innobella ink cartridgesMade by Brother, the term “Innobella” comes from the combination of two words, innovation and the Italian word for beautiful, “bella”. This product is designed to be used for digital photo printing to combat some of the usual problems that have been associated with other digital photo solutions.

Unlike other inks which can bleed on photo paper and result in less than perfect image quality, the Innobella ink stays where it is printed. This is especially true if it is used in conjunction with Innobella-branded paper which has a special coating on it to prevent bleeding and smearing. Another advantage to using this ink is that it provides a much larger range of colors than other comparable cartridges. Finally, the third triumph of Innobella ink is that it is resistant to light and ozone, which results in an image that is less likely to fade with time. One other advantage with the ink when used with a Brother printer is that it uses smaller droplets of ink, 1.5 picoliters to be exact. This results in the ink being used more effectively and more accurately, ensuring great prints.