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Will Using Remanufactured Ink Void My Printer Warranty?

Printer manufacturers would love you to believe that using remanfactured ink cartridges will void your printer warranty. There are actually laws which say that this is simply not true - using remanufactured printer ink cartridges will NOT void your printer warranty. Watch this video from Castle Ink for more information.


Consumer law states that a manufacturer's warranty cannot be voided due to using aftermarket consumables (ink cartridges or toner). It is the responsibility of the printer manufacturer to prove that an the compatible printer cartridge or toner caused the damage before refusing warranty repair. Generally speaking, printers are quite reliable but regardless of the ink or toner used, a small percentage still fail while under warranty. If your printer fails and should be covered under warranty, we highly recommend that you remove the ink cartridges from the printer prior to sending it for repair.

Currently there is the belief that all third-party ink cartridges and toner are somehow inferior to OEM products. In truth, few OEM’s make their own consumables anyways, relying instead on outside suppliers. You might also consider that several ink companies have been formulating, manufacturing and distributing inkjet cartridges, laser toner, fax ribbons and printer consumables for much longer than many printer manufacturers have made printers.