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An Intro to Edible Printers

Edible ink printers are normal printers that use special ink cartridges. Edible ink cartridges are safe for human consumption and are made with FDA-approved food coloring agents and other safe ingredients.

When choosing an edible printer, you can consider things like:

  • Brand reputation: Look for reliable manufacturers with a proven track record in the baking industry.
  • Ease of use: Choose a printer that is user-friendly and easy to operate.
  • Complete package: Look for a printer that comes with a complete package that includes cartridges, edible ink, and a few sheets.

Are Edible Printers Safe?
Yes, edible printers are safe as long as the edible ink is FDA compliant, made by a trusted manufacturer, and made in a licensed food facility.  Edible ink is a mixture of food coloring, water, preservatives, and softeners. It's formulated to help the liquid go through the printer without clogging the print head and ink nozzles.  Edible ink contains ingredients like:
Purified water, Propylene glycol, Coloring, Sodium benzoate, Citric acid, Methyl paraben, Propyl paraben as preservatives.

Edible ink cartridges contain water-based food coloring and sugar. This liquid can evaporate over time if the printer is not used frequently and may form sugar crystals which then clog the print head.

What is the difference between an edible printer and a regular printer?
Edible printers are regular inkjet printers that use special ink cartridges. Regular printers use regular ink and office paper, while edible printers use edible ink and edible paper.  You can't use regular ink and food inks in the same printer. Regular printers aren't designed to be used with edible ink. Inkjet printers that have been contaminated with regular ink can't be used for edible printing because they contain non-edible chemicals.

An edible printer is an ordinary printer that uses food color as inks to print with. You cannot interchange regular inks and food inks in the same printer, as regular inks are not food safe. The printer must be new and unused before putting in the edible ink cartridges.

What are some of the best Edible Printers?
Here is my list of the top edible printers:

1. Primera Eddie The Edible Ink Printer
4.8 Stars (172 ratings)
buy it at:
This printer can print photos, logos, and graphics directly onto cookies, marshmallows, macarons, and other confections. Reviews note that it is easy to use and fast.

2. Inkedibles CakePro-Quatro (Direct-to-Food Edible Printer) - Prints to Cookies, Cakes, Macarons and More
buy it at: InkEdibles, + more
This printer is easy to use and is perfect for small bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants, hobbyists, and event planners. It is also portable and has photo quality.

3. Edible Printer Bundle- Brand New Canon All-In-One Printer with Edible Paper and Inks by PC Universal
3.2 Stars (23 reviews)
buy it at: Walmart
This bundle includes a Canon all-in-one printer with advanced wireless capabilities and five extra-large cartridges of edible ink.

4. Icing Images Big Blue Food Printer
buy it at: Icing Images
Icing Images edible supplies - Printer bed 13 inch x 20 inch Prints a half sheet cake Prints on most smooth surfaces that fit on the print bed up to 7.75 inch in height Kosher Inks Print mixed sized cookies in 2.5 minutes or a quarter Sheet cake in 3.5 minutes Printer Dimensions: 31.5 inch W x 32.75 inch D x 23.75 inch H Includes Blue Laptop with pre-loaded printing software.

5. Canon Edible Printer Elite ADF
buy it at: Ink 4 Cakes
Includes:Canon Elite ADF edible printer280/281 XL edible ink cartridges

6. Edible Ink Printer Bundle - Wide Format Pro
buy it at:
Edible Ink Printer Canon Pixma TS9521C Set of 5 Edible Ink Cartridges 1 pack of Frosting Sheets 12 count 1 pack of Miracle Transfer Sheets 10 count Printhead Cleaning Kit

7. American Dad Edible Printer Bundle - “Cake Topper”[Uses 280-281 Ink]
buy it at: Sweet and Magical
Includes: - 1 x New Printer Capable for Edible Ink cartridges - 50 x Wafers Sheet - 5x Edible ink Cartridges (280/281) - 1x Printhead Cleaner -The photos and model of the printer are use for reference only. Recently Canon has sent an update to the printers to better detect when they are using cartridges that aren't canon brand.

8. Inkedibles IE-CAKEPRO1000 V3.0 (InkEdibles direct-to-cake Edible Printer)
buy it at:
The IE-CakePro1000 V3.0 is the next generation version of our A2 format (375x600mm) CakePro1000 edible ink printer which can print directly onto confectionary products with a maximum thickness of 11cm such as chocolate, cakes, sugar pastry, biscuits and much more. The IE-DirectPrint 1000 V3.0 is equipped with 8 refillable cartridges that enable photographic print quality to a maximum resolution of 5760x1440 dpi.

9. Epson Pro Edible Printer Kit
buy it at: Ink 4 Cakes
Epson Pro edible printing system kit includes: Epson-Pro printer . Instructions booklet and driver Edible ink bottles for Epson-Pro.

10. Edible Printer Bundle, Edible Ink & Edible Paper [uses 280/281 Ink]
buy it at: eBay
NEW WIRELESS printer new model Newest All-in-One Edible Printer Model the best price on Ebay we are wholesaler. This is truly the latest model for edible printing.

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