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MICR Toner Refill - Magnetic Ink Toner Refills

MICR toner cartridges are filled with ink that contains magnetic ink particles, enabling you to print professional bank checks and other business forms and legal forms from your home or office. MICR ink enables banks and other financial institutions to read checks with scanning machines.

Castle Ink carries a large selection of MICR toner for HP, Lexmark and other brands. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing MICR toner or if you have any questions about our magnetic ink character recognition cartridges.

Below is a list of several of the MICR toner models that we carry. In addition to these models, we can also accommodate special requests for MICR ink to refill other toner and inkjet cartridge models with our magnetic ink. Contact us for more info.

Some of the HP MICR Cartridges that Castle Ink Carries:

  • 92298A
  • C3903A
  • C3906A
  • C3909A
  • C4092A
  • C4096A
  • C4127X
  • C4129X
  • C4182X
  • C7115X
  • C8061X
  • Q1338A
  • Q2610A
  • Q2613X
  • Q2612A
  • Q2624X
  • Q5942X/A
  • Q5949X/A
  • Q6511X
  • Q7551X
  • Q7553X
  • CE505A

So, What is MICR and How Does it Work?

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition technology allows computers to read information (such as account numbers) off of printed documents. Unlike barcodes, however, MICR codes can be easily read by humans. MICR characters are printed in special typefaces with a magnetic ink or toner, usually containing substances like iron oxide.

As machines decode MICR toner text, it first magnetizes the characters in the plane of the paper. Then the characters are passed over a MICR read head, a device similar to the playback head of a tape recorder. As each character passes over the head it produces a unique waveform that can be easily identified by the system. The use of magnetic printing allows the characters to be read reliably even if they have been overprinted or obscured by other marks, such as cancellation stamps. The error rate for the magnetic scanning of a typical check is smaller than with optical character recognitionsystems. For well printed MICR documents, the "can't read" rate is usually less than 1% while the substitution rate (misread rate) is in the order of 1 per 100,000 characters.

Let us help you find replacement MICR ink and toner for your printer model. Contact us with questions or for help finding what you need.