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What Are DTF Printers and Are They Right For Me?

Traditional inkjet printers work by spraying a thin layer of liquid ink on paper and then passing that paper through an oven. The heat from the oven causes the ink to dry, which creates a printed image. DTF printers (direct-to-fabric) work differently; they print directly onto fabric without any drying time! This makes DTF printers much faster than traditional inkjet printers, and they can be used to print images on a variety of different fabrics. Additionally, the ink used in DTF printers is permanent and will not fade over time. This makes them perfect for printing large banners or signs that need to last outdoors for long periods of time.

What Kind of Ink DTF printers use?

The ink used in DTF printers is a water-based pigment. Pigment is different than traditional dye; it's more permanent and adheres better to fabric (and other materials).

Do DTF Printers Work With Regular Ink Cartridges?

Yes! You can use your regular printer cartridges with most of these machines. However, you will be limited by how many times your cartridge can print before needing replacement or refilling . Most standard cartridges are filled with about 30 ml of ink; this means that they only have enough fluid for about 20 prints at maximum quality before running out completely. I've tried using an off brand refillable cartridge from Amazon ($12.99) and it works great.

What are the Benefits of Owning a DTF Printer?

The benefits of owning a DTF printer include: faster printing times, ability to print on a variety of different fabrics, permanent ink that will not fade over time, and low cost per print. Additionally, these printers are typically small and lightweight, making them easy to move from one location to another.

Are dtf printers expensive?

The cost of a DTF printer varies by manufacturer and model, but they typically range from $700 to $1200. Are dtf printers worth the price? I think so! The time you save alone is enough reason for me to recommend these machines.

Is it hard to use dtf printers?

DTF printers are actually quite easy to use! You simply plug them in (or turn on battery-powered units), load your fabric into their designated tray, adjust the width guide using knobs on the side or top of each machine, then choose which image you want printed onto that particular material type before clicking "Print". 

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