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Is it worth buying XL ink cartridges?

XL ink cartridgesYes!  There are many reasons why using extra large ink cartridges in your printer make sense:

            • They hold more ink meaning you will have to replace them less often
            • The cost per fluid ounce is actually lower than standard ink cartridges, so your cost per printed page is lower
            • The environmental impact is slightly better 

Here is a quick example to illustrate the cost savings of using XL toner cartridges.

The HP 87X (which is a high yield or XL version of the HP 87A) has a page yield of 18,000 pages, while the HP 87A has a page yield of just 9,800 pages. Based on Castle Ink's current pricing, which is $74.95 for the HP 87A and $85.95 for the HP 87X, the per page cost of the standard yield toner cartridge is almost double that of the XL version!

It works out to be $.0047 per page for the XL (so about half of one cent per page) and $.0085 per page for the standard (so almost 1 center per page).  That's a pretty big cost difference and a great reason to always purchase the XL version of a toner or ink cartridge if your printer is compatible. 

Happy printing!