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Kodak 1810829 Color Ink Cartridge (Kodak #10)

Kodak 1810829 Color Ink Cartridge (Kodak #10)

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SKU: '1810829
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Type: Compatible
Color: Color
Printer Brand: Kodak


Compatible Kodak 1810829 / 8946501 / Kodak #10 Color ink cartridges. These Kodak color ink cartridges work with Kodak EASYSHARE 5100, 5300, 5500, and addition Kodak printers. Each cartridge is manufactured to meet the same ISO-9001 original specifications and performance standards as the Kodak OEM inkjet cartridges.

All Kodak 10C ink cartridges are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.Our Kodak #10 cartridges have updated chips and work with your Kodak ESP 3, 5, EASYSHARE 5100, 5300 & 5500 printers.

Compatible Printers
ESP 3, ESP 5, ESP 7, ESP 9, ESP 3250, ESP 5210,ESP 5250, ESP 6150, ESP 7250,ESP 9250,EASYSHARE 5100, EASYSHARE 5300, EASYSHARE 5500,HERO 6.1,HERO 7.1,HERO 9.1,

Here is the GTIN for Kodak 1810829 Color Ink Cartridge (Kodak #10): 708562000543

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Fast Delivery, Great Experience

I switched to Canon R94-6002-250 Laser Toner on a friend's recommendation and haven't looked back since. It's superior to alternatives I've used.


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