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Lexmark 18C0035 Color Ink Cartridge (High Yield)

Lexmark 18C0035 Color Ink Cartridge (High Yield)

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SKU: 18C0035
Availability: In Stock
Type: Remanufactured
Color: Color
Printer Brand: Lexmark


Lexmark color ink cartridge replaces Lexmark 18C0035 (#35). Every remanufactured ink cartridge is fully guaranteed and designed to offer outstanding print quality.

Compatible Printers
P315,P450,P915,P4330,P4350,P6250,P6350,P8350,X1180,X2500,X2510,X2530,X2550,X3330,X3350,X3530,X3550,X4530,X4550,X5070,X5075,X5210,X5250,X5260,X5270,X5320,X5340,X5370,X5410,X5450,X5470,X5490,X5495,X6350,X7170,X7350,X8350,Z810,Z812,Z815,Z816,Z818,Z845,Z1300,Z1310,Z1320,Z1410,Z1420,home copier plus

Here is the GTIN for Lexmark 18C0035 Color Ink Cartridge (High Yield): 708562011808

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These are the all the tags associated with Lexmark 18C0035 Color Ink Cartridge (High Yield):
18C0035, 6250, home copier plus, Lex 35, Lexmark #35, P315, P4330, P4350, P450, P6250, P6350, P8350, P915, X1180, X2500, X2510, X2530, X2550, X3330, X3350, X3450, X3530, X3550, X4530, X4550, X5070, X5075, X5210, X5250, X5260, X5270, X5320, X5340, X5370, X5410, X5450, X5470, X5490, X5495, X6350, X7170, X7350, X8350, Z1180, Z1300, Z1310, Z1320, Z1410, Z1420, Z810, Z812, Z815, Z816, Z818, Z845

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Perfect Color Vibrancy Every Time

My experience with HP C9701A (HP 121A) Cyan Laser Toner Cartridge has been overwhelmingly positive. It stands out in its category for quality and affordability.

Alex A.
Exceptional Quality

Every print is a masterpiece thanks to vibrant colors and crisp text on every page. Plus, I've found the ordering process to be straightforward and hassle-free. Again

Customer Service Was Super Helpful

I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by the customer service and the quick delivery time. I'll be sticking with this brand for all my future needs.


I was immediately impressed with installation was a breeze, enhancing the user experience. In addition, my friends are all switching on my recommendation.