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1 Color Ink Refill Kit (Universal)

1 Color Ink Refill Kit (Universal)

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Color: Color
Printer Brand: Lexmark, HP, Canon, Xerox, Brother


Universal color inkjet refill kit can be used to refill Epson, Canon, HP, Lexmark, Xerox and more printers. Works with the list to the left as well as many, many more ink cartridges. Contains complete tools and instructions. 90ml of ink (3 bottles with 30ml each). Made in the USA.

This color inkjet refill kit comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee and our commitment to answering any questions you might have along the way. While refilling your own ink cartridges can be straightforward, from time to time we do hear from customers who are having trouble with one aspect of the refill. If you have any questions or run into any issues while refiling your ink cartridges we are here to help - so please contact us using our online form.

Compatible Printers
Brother LC-02C, Brother LC-02M, Brother LC-02Y, Brother LC-04C, Brother LC-04M, Brother LC-04Y, Brother LC-50C, Brother LC-50M, Brother LC-50Y, Brother LC-21C, Brother LC-21M, Brother LC-21Y, Brother LC-31C, Brother LC-31M, Brother LC-31Y, Brother LC-600C, Brother LC-600M, Brother LC-600Y, Brother LC-800C, Brother LC-800M, Brother LC-800Y, Canon BCI-3eC, Canon BCI-3eM, Canon BCI-3eY, Canon BCI-6C, Canon BCI-6M, Canon BCI-6Y, Canon BCI-8C, Canon BCI-8M, Canon BCI-8Y, Canon BCI-24 Color, Canon BCI-21 Color, Canon BC-05 Color, HP 51641A, HP C6625A, HP C6578A, HP C1823D, HP C1823G, HP C6578D, HP 51625A, HP 51649A, HP 51649N, HP C6657A, HP C8728A, HP 51640C, HP 51640M, HP 51640Y, Lexmark 12A1980, Lexmark 1380619, Lexmark 13619HC, Lexmark 15M0120, Lexmark 1382060, Lexmark 15M0125, Lexmark 12A1140, Lexmark 12A1985, Lexmark 17G0060, Lexmark 10N0026, Lexmark 10N0227, Lexmark 18L000, Lexmark 18L0042, Xerox 8R7661, Xerox 8R7662, Xerox 8R7663, Xerox 8R7972, Xerox 8R7973, Xerox 8R7974, Xerox Y101C, Xerox Y102M, Xerox Y103Y,