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An Interview with Joe Levy, Xerox


Xerox recently added to its headlines by introducing the new 2016 line of ConnectKey device. ConnectKey consists of hardware, software, and apps that all work together to help businesses get work done more efficiently and effectively, regardless of location. The newest versions of ConnectKey iSeries devices provide new and essential technology that support mobile printing as well as language support and BYOD environments. To get further insight into what ConnectKey is capable of in 2016 we reached out to Xerox and were granted the opportunity to speak with Joe Levy, Head of Technology Marketing & Competitive Intelligence, Office and Solutions Business Group at Xerox. The interview was conducted via email and our questions with his answers appear below:


1) How many iSeries printers/models make up the 2016 line of devices? How many overall iSeries devices are currently available now on the market?

There are 14 i-Series devices, and they are now available worldwide.

2) Who are these types of devices with ConnectKey technology aimed at? How scalable are they? Can they be included as part of new and existing MPS engagements?

The ConnectKey devices are perfect for any organization, no matter the size or industry. The devices are built with scalability in mind. The Xerox App Gallery, now located directly on the user interface, gives customers the ability to download apps to help them streamline their everyday operations.


For example, real estate agents are always on-the-go showing new properties and a real estate agency could download an app that allows their agents to scan in documents like offer letters and appraisals from their mobile device or the MFP, to route them directly to the appropriate department for processing. The new ConnectKey-enabled i-Series MFPs can be added into any existing MPS program.

3) How many total apps are now available through the Xerox App store that work with ConnectKey? Are these all native to Xerox or are some of them from third-party developers?
There are about 22 available apps in the Xerox App Gallery. Some apps are developed by Xerox, however a lot of the apps are developed by our partners. Therefore, we are giving our partners the opportunity to create an app based on their customers’ specific needs. If the app meets our criteria and passes testing, we will consider putting it in the Xerox App Gallery for broader use. Partners know their customers the best, and by giving them the tools they need to develop customized apps, they are able to grow relationships with their customers and sell more—ultimately increase revenue.

4) Will the company be releasing a firmware or other update to allow older ConnectKey MFPs to work with the newest Xerox technology?
Yes, users are able to update their older ConnectKey MFPs so they can begin to take advantage of the benefits of the i-Series advancements.

5) What mobile operating systems is ConnectKey fully compatible with currently?
Android and iOS mobile devices are compatible with ConnectKey apps. Depends on the workflow. We can print from all mobile platforms like android, Chrome books, iOS, and Windows phones with the print@Printbyxerox app on all i-Series

6) What have been the reactions thus far for this new technology?
We’ve heard very positive reactions across the board. Many are very interested in Xerox’s emphasis on apps in the workplace and think that putting them directly on the interface is innovative and will drive business productivity. Additionally, we’ve heard a ton of great feedback on the Xerox Easy Translation Service. Businesses are very excited about being able to translate a document into more than 35 languages straight from their MFP or app. Channel partners feel there is a big opportunity when it comes to being able to customize the devices so their customers can get the most out the MFPs.

7) What do (you/Xerox/etc.) see as some of the biggest challenges facing mobile printing currently? How do you think the latest ConnectKey Technology can help mitigate some of these stumbling blocks
In my opinion, the biggest challenge for consumers to print from their mobile device is a lack of basic understanding. According to IDC, 40 percent of smartphone users and 35 percent of tablet users do not know how to print from their devices. The @PrintByXerox App is an easy way for employees and visitors to easily print to any i-Series device in the building no matter their location. The app is easy to use and allows employees, no matter how technically savvy they are, to benefit from mobile printing by just sending an email to print@printbyXerox and releasing the job at the Xerox device.