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Canon BX Fuser Measurements

If you measure values in the indicated range on the right hand side of the fuser, the lamp is fine (240V fusers will read 3-4 times higher on the right hand side).

HP LaserJet 4V/4MV (Check your cross reference guide below for other brands)

Removal Instructions
Open the front of the printer. Pop out the charge transfer roller, being careful not to touch the surface of the roller. Handle it at the metal ends only. Remove the 5 big brass screws holding the fuser in. There is a screw at each lower end of the fuser. At the top of the fuser, you'll see 5 screws. Remove the 2 outboard and the center screws. While pulling out on the plastic side to clear the metal shaft, lift one end of the fuser up, repeating for the other end.

If you don't have a meter, continuity can also be checked across the contacts on the right hand side of the fuser by using a digital tester.

Cross Reference Guide: Canon BX Printers

Acorn Graphtex 400
Apple LaserWriter Select 350
Birmy Graphics Powerimage 11/17, XL 11/17
Brother HL-8PSJ/HP-PSJ
Calcomp CCL600/XF
Canon BX
Canon LBP-BX
ECRM Scriptprinter
Genicom Corporation 9080
Daikin Industries Comtec 9700+
Intergraph Corp-8ppm
JBCC Power Writer 5036
JRL Systems Easycopy L Series/LP-180
Newgen Sys Turbo PS-440B/660B/1200B
OCE 6450/6451/6460
QMS 860 Hammerhead Print System
QMS 860/860 Plus Print System
Varityper 5160, Panther
Xante Accel-A-Writer 8100/8100 ENH
Xitron Clipper Cadet

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