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How to Store Printer Ink Cartridges

best way to store ink cartridgesAsk anybody and they will tell you, printer cartridges can be very expensive. Because of this, if you know you will not be using them for a while, you can store printer ink cartridges away and maintain their integrity. Here are some foolproof steps to keep your costs down.

  • The Bag - For each cartridge to be stored away, you will need a separate zip-sealable bag. Place each cartridge in its bag.
  • The Sponge or Towel - You will also need to place in each bag a small sponge or wet paper towel. Whichever you choose, they must be rung out thoroughly so as no water will get on the cartridge itself.
  • Storage - When you have gotten all your bags and cartridges together, find a cool, dark place to store them.

For used printer cartridges, be sure and tape the print head itself prior to sticking in a bag. It is very fragile and damaging it could ruin the whole cartridge.

Still have questions about whether or not you're storing printer ink cartridges the right way? Contact us, we're here to help and advise on the best way to keep your cartridges working well long after you've purchased them.