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Laser Printer Troubleshooting

laser printer troubleshooting tipsAs with inkjet printers, sometimes fixing a laser printer can be simple and painless. There are a few easy steps you can follow which are outlined below.

  • Keep your printer clean - Keep your laser printer clean at all times, not just when you need to repair it. It is important to clean both the inside and outside and is not very complicated. To clean the inside, where paper and dirt can get trapped, you can use compressed air and blow out the debris. Remember to take out the fuser assembly during this process as well.
  • Determine the problem - You can troubleshoot problems often times without any hassle. It is important to diagnose the problem before you go ripping your printer apart. If there is a status message or an error code or status message look it up in the troubleshooting section of your printer manual and follow their instructions to fix your machine. Sometimes you can find similar information on the Internet, but the owner's manual should be your first point of reference. If you can't find your copy, you can search online as many vendors have them uploaded to their support sites.
  • Paper Jams - Paper jams by far are one of the easiest problems to fix. They could be caused by a variety of factors such as worn rollers or dirt in the path in which the paper travels. Paper jams could also be caused by "user error", not putting the paper in right. They could also be caused by old or worn paper.

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