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Wireless Printing Apps By Brand and Functionality

While we've spent time covering the different types of mobile printing as we've talked about particular companies, we have not previously had a single repository where someone could see what the name of the mobile print app(s) are that are compatible with their printers. Below we will seek to cover all of the OEM-specific apps as well as some other options, too.


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  • Mobile Printing Option #1: HP ePrint App
  • Compatible OS: Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, Amazon
  • Description: The HP ePrint app is an extension of their popular ePrint technology introduced back in 2009. The ePrint app allows users to print to any ePrint enabled printer in just a few simple steps. Additionally, users can print to the nearest Public Print Location which includes stores like FedEx Office, UPS, Walgreens, as well as many hotels, airport lounges and more. Users are also able to locate and print their documents and photos from cloud services like Evernote,, and Dropbox.
  • Supported file formats: MS Office documents, web pages, email attachments, photos, PDFs, and text files
  • Other options: For users of iOS devices, many HP printers are compatible with AirPrint technology which allows users to easily print from their iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches. Google users are additionally able to print to HP printers using Google Cloud Print, which now also comes native on Android devices running the KitKat 4.4 or later OS.
  • Mobile Printing Site:
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  • Mobile Printing Option #1: Epson iPrint App
  • Compatible OS: Apple iOS, Android
  • Description: The Epson iPrint app is part of the larger Epson Connect suite of mobile printing options. Users are able to remotely print files as well as get updates on printer status, ink levels, check the condition of the nozzles, and even clean the printhead(s). It is also easy to connect to a large variety of popular cloud based tools like, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and Microsoft SkyDrive where users can either print files stored there, or scan and upload new files.
  • Supported file formats: MS Office documents, web pages, email attachments, photos, PDFs, and text files
  • Other options: Similar to HP?s ePrint, Epson printers are equipped with Epson email print which allows you to send documents and photos to your Epson printer from almost anywhere. Additionally, users can also use the Creative Print App (separate than iPrint) to print photos directly from Facebook. Another non-app solution is Epson Remote Print (though it does involve a download), and allows you to print from your desktop or laptop to Epson printers via email.
  • Mobile Printing Site:

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  • Mobile Printing Option #1: Canon Easy-PhotoPrintApp (iEPP)
  • Compatible OS: Apple iOS, Android, Windows RT
  • Description: The Canon Canon Easy-PhotoPrintApp app makes it easy to send photos and documents to a variety of Canon printers. It also allows users to scan images to their mobile devices as well.
  • Supported file formats: MS Office documents, photos, web pages, and PDFs
  • Other options: In addition to iEPP, Canon also has some solutions which work with specific lines of their printers like PIXMA Printing Solutions. For users of PIXMA printers and iOS and Android devices, the app allows additional features like remote monitoring of ink levels and print status, selection of the various sizes of output, and optimized printing for MS Office and PDF documents among other things.
  • Mobile Printing Site:

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  • Mobile Printing Option #1: Brother iPrint&Scan
  • Compatible OS: Apple iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows RT
  • Description: The Brother iPrint&Scan app makes it easy to print from almost any mobile device including the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, Kindle Fire, or Windows 7 or 8 Phone. It should be noted that not all file formats are compatible with all operating systems. For instance, Windows Phones do not support web page printing, and only will print MS Office files via SkyDrive. Additionally, text file printing only works with Android and Kindle Fire devices.
  • Supported file formats: JPEGs, PDFs, web pages, e-mail, MS Office, text files
  • Other options: None.
  • Mobile Printing Site:

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  • Mobile Printing Option #1: Dell Mobile Print
  • Compatible OS: Android only
  • Description: The Dell Mobile app makes it easy to print from virtually any mobile device running Android 2.1 or higher to a large selection of Dell printers.
  • Supported file formats: MS Office documents, PDFs, Google Docs files, images, webpages, Contacts, Calendars, SMS Messages, Gmail
  • Other options: Mobile Print App for Dell is another option for Dell users, however it is considered to be third-party as it was developed by Thinxtream, not Dell like the app above for Android. In addition, users of iOS devices can use AirPrint technology to print from their iOS devices.
  • Mobile Printing Site:

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  • Mobile Printing Option #1: Samsung Mobile Print
  • Compatible OS: iOS, Android, Windows
  • Description: The Samsung Mobile Print app makes it easy to print from virtually any mobile device running iOS 3.2 or higher and Android 2.1 or higher to a wide variety of Samsung printers. Additionally, users can also scan (PDFs, JPG, PNG) to their mobile devices from Samsung MFPs. For Windows users, the app is only compatible with Samsung-branded Android devices.
  • Supported file formats: Photos, web pages, PDF files, Microsoft Office documents
  • Other options: In addition to the Samsung Mobile Print App, iOS users can expect to find AirPrint compatibility with many of the Samsung printers and multifunctions. Additionally, many users will be able to take advantage of Google Cloud printing technology regardless of the brand of mobile device. Last, but certainly not least, users will be able to utilize Near Field Commincation (NFC) capability which allows users to simply print by tapping a unit with a connected mobile device.
  • Mobile Printing Site:

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  • Mobile Printing Option #1: Xerox Mobile Print
  • Compatible OS: iOS, Android
  • Description: Xerox Mobile Print is not an app per se, but more of an overarching tool which provides support for printing to almost any type of brand, regardless of it is a Xerox Machine or not. It should be noted it is more geared towards business environments than some of the other mobile print options, but, by the same token, many of their devices are as well.
  • Supported file formats: PDF files, Microsoft Office documents, photos
  • Other options: As part of the mobile printing suite, there are a few apps which users can download from the App Store or Google Play—Xerox Mobile Print Solution and Xerox Mobile PrintBack. Xerox Mobile Print Solution, while free, requires access to mobile printing services from Xerox which requires the purchase of Xerox Mobile Print. Xerox PrintBack on the other hand is also free, and only requires the download of software onto your local computer which makes it possible for you to connect to the default printer on that machine as well as give you access to print from cloud-based services such as Dropbox and
  • Mobile Printing Site:

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