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Canon LX Fuser Measurements

If you measure values in the indicated range on the right side contacts, the lamp is fine (240V fusers will read 3-4 times higher on the right side contacts).

HP IIP/IIIP, Apple PLW LS/NT/NTR (Check our cross reference guide below for other brands)

Removal Instructions
To remove the fuser assembly, remove the five big brass screws holding the fuser in. To remove the fuser, you have to pull out on the side of the printer as you lift the fuser up. The way I do it is by putting my fingers underneath the ends of the fuser, and then pushing outwards on the sides with both thumbs while lifting.

If you don't have a meter, continuity can also be checked across the contacts on the right hand side of the fuser by using a digital tester.

Cross Reference Guide: Canon LX Printers

  • Apple LaserWriter MO188/NTR/SC
  • Apple Personal LaserWriter LS/NT/NTR/SC
  • Becks Import Inc 440/460
  • Bezier BP4040
  • Brother HL-4/4PS/4V/4Ve/6/6V
  • Calcomp CCL400/CCL400R
  • Canon 4SX
  • Canon FAX 6500/9550/L3300/L3300I/L7000
  • Canon FAX L700/720/760/770/775/777/780/785/790
  • Canon FX1 FAX
  • Canon LBP-LX/P-110/Fileprint 100
  • Compugraphic CG408C
  • Esselte Meto Postermaker Sys 30
  • Hewlett-Packard LaserJet IIP/IIP Plus/IIIP/IIIP MAC
  • Meto Postermaker Sys 30
  • DEC Declaser 1100/1150/1152
  • DEC LN-07/07R
  • Digital Laser Sys Plus 121/141D/181D
  • Lasermaster 1000-4/AFM/KX, 400/600
  • Lasermaster Lasermax 400/Maxwriter 400/600
  • Lasermaster Winprinter 400/800, 800/4, 800i
  • Ledo Super 600-C/Superlaser 360
  • Personal Comp Laserimage 4040
  • Pitney Bowes 9500/9520/9550Fax
  • Printer Works LX-29000
  • Printers Plus Scriptwriter 4 PS
  • Newgen Sys Turbo PS/Personal Series
  • Newgen Sys Turbo PS300P/360P/400P/660P/880P
  • OCE 6206
  • QMS PS410/420/460
  • RT&C Winpage 600
  • Sanyo SmartLaser SPX-406/460/460PS
  • Sanyo SPF-406/406PC/406PS/408
  • Siemens 9021/Highprint 7500
  • Spec Printing Sol Solera 4630
  • SRS Imaging Imager 400L, Personal Imager/800
  • Star Micronics Laserprinter 4 Starscript
  • Star Micronics Laserprinter 4/4 II/4 III
  • Sun Express Calcomp CCL400R
  • UFAX LF8 Fax
  • Varityper 5510/5510A
  • Wang LDP-4P/4 III
  • Xante Accel-A-Writer 4000
  • Xerox 6R900
  • XLI Xpert 1000

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