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Security Inks

everything you need to know about security inksWhile the current global recession has led to the downscale of most industries and their overall production, the area of security inks has experienced a growth in demand and overall expansion during this slow economic period. The slowing in demand for consumer goods has forced many companies to seek reevaluation of areas of profit loss, among them the approximate 5-6% annual loss that many consumer companies lose to counterfeit products. This loss, once negligible or easily overcome by profits in excess from robust sales or rapid branch growth, has now become an allowance that most corporations can no longer afford.

Fortunately, new advancements and updates to trusted security methods have been able to provide both the authenticity guarantees that businesses have come to increasingly rely on, and the means for sustainment and expansion of the markets for security inks as well as their related devices and systems. Included in these market trends are increases in business for ink and pigment producers as well as business boons for those in the hologram manufacturing industry. However, with new moves from the European Union to enforce brand security measures, have come new moves from counterfeiters, namely operations based in Russia and China, to establish themselves in lower end markets, relying on the bulk sales of inexpensive fake products to sustain their markets. But this too, is being countered by the security ink industry.

For example, Sun Chemical currently markets color shifting and thermochromic inks for advanced security measures, as well as software applications that insert hidden images in printed artwork. Overall, as the security ink sector experiences expansion in response to corporate crackdown on counterfeiting, the new business will help this area continue to grow and create new forms of authenticity protocol to protect consumer goods, and ultimately, consumers.

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